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Photo Gallery - A Visit to Our Many Years of Fun, Frolic & Friends

About These Photographs
Pictures in this Gallery were carefully chosen after sorting through well over a thousand. The original intent was to post a few pictures that showed the greatness of our marina views in hopes of attracting new boaters to check us out. As we sorted thru the overwhelming pile of pictures the task changed from being just another step towards building a new website to an enjoyable distraction that lasted for weeks. Lots of good memories, great times and wonderful people that we were fortunate to have captured on film or digital format. And many thanks to our good buddies who contributed their pictures.

As a result of that effort, this Gallery evolved into one that now reflects people, things and times that are very special and personal in nature representing our many years of living the "Marina Lifestyle"; hard to believe that we've been at this since 1999. Included are pictures of our people family, our cat family, employees, friends, customers, local nature and others that have special meaning or are especially entertaining.

As for our friends whose pictures are not in the Gallery, we did not have any that you would have wanted made public. ;-)

So feel free to scan the Gallery, see if you can find yourself or someone you know and hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as we do. Even now as I scroll through, I smile as they bring back so many good memories.

Nancy & Ron - Just Married

September 9, 2000

Lots of friends and family to share our Marina Wedding Day

Tropical Wedding Cake

Both Families

My Main Man Steven - Semp Fi

Nancy, Bobby & Ron

Jake Making It Look Easy

Michelle, Lorraine & Steve - Ron's Family

Dexter the Marina Mascot - RIP Buddy

Sue, Colleen & Katie - Nancy's Family

Pre Ron & Nancy - Dec, 1998

Mom & Dad 50th

DJ Buddy Doing His Thing

Original Marina Sign - 1999

New Marina Sign Going Up

New Sign Finally Finished - 2002

Dave & Mary Ann Wedding Day

Chip, Walkers, Tina & Nancy

Mary Ann & Dave - Best Buddies

Home Construction #1 :-)
House footer's in - this is so great!

Home Construction #2 :-)
Shouldn't be much longer now!

Home Construction #3 :-(
1.5 haggard years later - Builders Suck!

Bob & Molley's Andante - Slip 26

Good Buddies Robin & Wes - 2016

Miss James II Fishing Day - 2018

Awesome pool day

Phoebe & Chino - RIP Little Buddies

Awesome pool day

Tom Enjoying His Quiet Time

Robinson Group Buddies - 2017

Dad John & Dad Frank

Andy, Trish, Nancy & Ron - 2015

Captain Norm Strikes Again

Mini The Matriarch

Told you to seal that stinkin border

Ron & Robert Drunk & Chillin

Yo mon, got something good for me?

Kathy, Nancy & Lisa - Best Buddies

Sea Knight - 2009

Gorgeous Chesapeake Bay Sunset

Michelle, Lorraine & Gail

Melissa, Brad, Steve & Jan

Kate, Jennifer & Michael

Chip & Dean boats - both boats gone :-(

Tracy, Dean & Justin

Ron & Rick - AKA Storm Chasers

Tinkerbell ... (aka Tinky) she's a model

Osprey in flight off Tilghman

Dave & Beth - 2014

El & Karen - 1999

Andy & Ron

Nancy & Her Mom

Philippe Cousteau - Famous Meet

Buddy's Favorite Place & Time of Year

Captain Rick & Joanne - Annie Joe

I Thinks "Big-Belly Ron" is Drunk Again

Pristina, Such a Sweet Kitty

Cathy, Nancy, Lisa & Chip

The #1 Funniest Party Ever

Awesome Sunrise From Marina Slip

Kristin - A Marina Fixture - 2014

Mz Nancy - Marina Office - 1999

Eric, Kelley & Danielle

Kristin haulout day - 2015

Ron's New Furnature Delivery Service

Rental Boat #2's Maiden Voyage - 2018

Kristin Final Departure to Norfolk - 2021

Bob & Molley's Andante - final departure

Rick & Joanne's Miss Betty

Captain Cappy - RIP Good Buddy

Barb still holds record catch - 24" Flounder


Bobby taking care of business

Crystal & Kevin - 2014

Jim & Sarah - 2014

Hurricane Isabel - Sept 18 & 19, 2003

Captain Andy's Plane Crazy

Show Dog Joey - Dexter's Best Buddy

Feinstein Group Deck Party - 2002

Morning Moon Dot Setting Over Bay

Julie & Rob - 2014

Gizmo keeping an eye on you - RIP Buddy

Dave, MA, Mike & Erin - 2014

Sea Knight - 2010

Mary Ann with her glowing smile

Great Blue Heron in Back Creek

They say Rob keeps a tight chain

Hurricane Isabel - Sept 18 & 19, 2003

Meet Miss Kitty the Movie Star

Community Cruise with Captain Ron

Record Bay freeze - Feb 2004

Winter - Feb 2015

Bugs Taking a Drink - RIP Little Buddy

Hurricane Isabel - Sept 18 & 19, 2003

Sambuca the Black Panther

Wild cows that roam Back Creek

Ron & Chip BS'ing - Both Drunk Again

Mike taste-testing steamed clams

Bear wearing his orange faux fur - RIP

Favorite Picture with Bestest Buddies

Milk Udder or Impressive Gonads?


The End

We need your pictures here so please visit soon & often

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